AIR-"The Canadian Boat Song."

FENIAN rogues, colleagued in crime,
Marauders, once more they have failed this time,
Scum of the earth, which alone to skim
The hangman is meet, and base work for him!
Lo, brothers, lo, the thieves run fast,
The rascals off sheer, and the danger's past.

Whilst plunder's flag those foemen furl,
As high as a kick can a caitiff hurl,
The villains who that banner bore,
The frontier we foot, each scoundrel, o'er;
Ho, brothers ho, the knaves run fast!
Their rifles, for fear, are behind them cast.

Up, away, skyward, trembling loon,
Aloft as far as the palefaced moon,
Shame of the Green Isle, Erin fair,
From tip of toe through fields of air!
So brothers, so the brute flies fast,
And won't he come down with a bump at last!

Punch, 11 June 1870, p. 234.