Loud the tocsin sounds through Britain,
Stirring men to fall in line
Echoing over hills and valleys,
Penetrating inmost shrine,
Where the son of lonely mother
Hesitates, is torn in twain;
But the woman's heart is strengthened
"Go, my son; your duty's plain."

Strong the men, but braver women-
Born to suffer greater pain-
Cheerfully self-sacrificing,
By their faith the men sustain.
Sons, their bright eyes gleaming bravely,
Follow drums with iron zeal,
And their hearts too full to measure
What they ask, or think, or feel.

All they know 'tis Britain calling-
"For the best afloat, ashore,
To uphold the flag of freedom
Flying at the open door."
Listen to the drums of England
Heed the pipers o' the North,
Harken to the harps of Erin,
Rally men of British birth.

Fane Sewell
Toronto, October 15, 1914.

Canada; An Illustrated Weekly Journal, 5 December 1914, p. 256.