As the Allied forces advanced to the east, the 1st Canadian Army, commanded by Lieutenant-General Henry D.G. Crerar, was responsible for the northern flank along the coast. On 31 August 1944, the 2nd Canadian Division was approaching the coastal town of Dieppe, scene of a disastrous raid by 5,000 troops of the 2nd Canadian Division on 19 August 1942. In 1944, however, circumstances were much different, and the German troops in Dieppe wisely withdrew from the town during the evening of 31 August.

On 1 September 1944, Major Dennis Bult-Francis led his 8th Reconnaissance Regiment into Dieppe. The rest of the 2nd Canadian Division followed. Several officers and men in the 2nd Canadian Division had taken part in the 1942 raid. Many of their friends had perished on the beaches of Dieppe or had been taken prisoner.


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