Combined Operations Headquarters assigned the task of protecting the Normandy invasion fleet to the Royal Canadian Navy's (RCN) 29th and 65th MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat) flotillas. These two RCN units were responsible for preventing any German warships from attacking Allied vessels as they ferried troops and equipment across the English Channel to Normandy. The 29th MTB Flotilla covered the eastern flank of the invasion force, while the 65th MTB Flotilla guarded the western flank.

In the course of the initial landings on 6 June 1944 (D-Day), the RCN flotillas repulsed several attempts by German destroyers and motor torpedo boats to attack the Allied ships. Over the course of the next two days, both the 29th and 65th MTB flotillas provided vital protection for Allied ships transporting reinforcements to Normandy.


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