As the Allied force moved northward into central Italy, it encountered the formidable German defence network known as the "Hitler Line." The commander of the British 8th Army, General Sir Oliver Leese, chose Lieutenant-General E.L.M. Burns and his 1st Canadian Corps to lead the assault on the Hitler Line. The corps consisted of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division and the 5th Canadian Armoured Division.

On 23 May 1944, the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division had broken through the German defences near the town of Pontecorvo. The following day, the 1st Canadian Division pushed northward, supported by the 5th Canadian Armoured Division. After crossing the Melfa River on 24 May, the 1st Canadian Corps pursued the retreating German forces northward. The campaign ended as The Loyal Edmonton Regiment occupied the Italian town of Frosinone on 31 May 1944.


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