Remembering Charlie Purkiss

Remembering Charlie Purkiss

466474 Pte. Charles Alexander Purkiss joined the 63rd Canadian Overseas Infantry Battalion (perpetuated by The Loyal Edmonton Regiment) on 13 July 1915 in Edmonton. He had three years previous service in the 101st Regiment, Edmonton Fusiliers. He was transferred to the 7th Canadian Infantry Battalion in France on 1 August 1916. Purkiss was killed in action at the Somme on or about 27 September 1916. This article was written by Dorothy J. Campbell, the granddaughter of Charlie Purkiss, in 1949. The story tells something of Purkiss’ death and his wife’s determination to learn more of her husband’s fate.

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This is the thirty-seventh in a series of quarterly newsletters originally recognizing 100th anniversary events of the First World War, with emphasis on Edmonton’s 49th Battalion, and 75th anniversary events of the Second World War, with emphasis on The Edmonton Regiment/The Loyal Edmonton Regiment.  These stories came to an end with our 2019-1 and 2020-3 editions respectively. However, there are still many stories to be told about our regiment, past and present, including our newest series of articles on our regimental commanding officers.  We will also be expanding our focus on the museum itself with articles related to more current events and with stories about some of the interesting artefacts and archival materials in our collection. 

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