28th October, 1916.

Mrs. R. Waring,
9119, 78th Avenue,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Dear Mrs. Waring: -

Reference No. 432,504 Pte Robert Waring,
49th Battalion (Edmonton Regt).
I have your letter of the 2nd instant.

Your husband was killed on the 3 rd of June last by a shell, and died instantly. The same shell killed Lieut. Chas. A. Wilson and runner Brown. Your husband was buried in Warrington Avenue, near the place where he fell. At the time of his death, your husband was acting as batman to Lieut. Wilson. Your husband was a very gallant soldier and died very bravely with his face to the foe. The Battalion was, at the time, delivering an attack on the enemy which was designed to take the pressure off neighboring Battalions which were being hard pressed. The 49th Battalion was called upon to sacrifice itself for the benefit of others and every man who died that day in that undertaking undoubtedly l come with in the meaning of that passage in Scripture which says - "Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his life for his friend". Your husband's death must be a severe blow to yourself and your children. I trust that you will never forget to tell you children just how and why he died. It is because we have had so many men in this Regiment like your husband that it has in France the reputation that it has. I trust that, if I should be spared to return to Edmonton, I may have the honour of meeting you and of saying to you what I find very difficult to say on paper.

Yours faithfully,

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection, A96-215, Box 12).