Headquarters 48th Battalion, C.E.F.
Edmonton, Alberta.
9th April, 1915.

From: -

Lieut.-Col. W. A. Griesbach,

C.O. 49th Battalion, C.E.F.

To: -

Miss Edna Clarke,



My Dear Edna:

CAPTAIN AND QUARTER- I am going to take your Daddy away across the sea.


He is going to look after us and supply us with all we shall have to eat. He will also have to find for us all the clothes we wear and the blankets we sleep in. His work is very important.

In carrying out his work properly he must not be worried by thoughts of how things are going at home, so you will have to take care of your little sisters and also of your mother, and see that they are well and strong and happy, so that when I bring your Daddy back to you I will find that you have all been well while he was away, and that you have been a good little girl, doing what your mother told you to do, and being kind and cheerful all the time.

I have the honour to be,

Your obedient servant,

Lt. Col.

C.O. 49th Battalion, C.E.F.

City of Edmonton Archives (Loyal Edmonton Regiment Collection).