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This is the twenty-fifth in a series of quarterly newsletters originally recognizing 100th anniversary events of the First World War and 75th anniversary events of the Second World War.  Our emphasis has been on Edmonton’s 49th Battalion in the First World War and The Edmonton Regiment/The Loyal Edmonton Regiment in the Second World War.  The story of the 49th Battalion came to an end in our 2019-1 edition. This edition brings to a close the story of the The Loyal Edmonton Regiment in the Second World War. However, there are still many stories to be told about our regiment, past and present, including our newest series of articles on our regimental commanding officers.  We will also be expanding our focus on the museum itself with articles related to more current events and with stories about some of the interesting artefacts and archival materials in our collection.
In this issue we highlight The Loyal Edmonton Regiment’s last days in Holland and its return home in the 3rd quarter of 1945.  We also highlight the service of Colonel Charles Yardley Weaver and the 2nd Battalion in Edmonton.

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