National Archives of Canada (PA-068115).

First World War Veterans Learning Handicrafts under the Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-establishment, ca 1918-1919.


The horrors of the First World War, the effects of the Great Depression, changing political systems, and isolationist foreign policies left most nations reluctant to face the possibility of, and thus unprepared for, another war.

Veterans’ Rights

Although some measures were put in place to deal with returning veterans from the First World War, most proved inadequate and some were cancelled by the government. Veterans had to create their own organizations, such as the Royal Canadian Legion, to fight for their rights.

New World Order

People’s view of the world changed after the First World War. The future seemed more worrisome, and the conflict decisively changed the way the world's economic and political systems worked.

The Dictatorships

Whether Fascist or Communist, the dictatorships of Europe shared many characteristics and methods, which resulted in a loss of rights and freedoms, misery, and death for many people.


Given the horrors of the First World War and the effects of the Great Depression, European leaders were very reluctant to confront Hitler and enter into costly rearmament.


Economic conditions and a largely isolationist foreign policy left Canada ill prepared for another war.


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