In 1921, William Lyon Mackenzie King became prime minister, and Canada embarked upon a policy of isolation. King instructed the Canadian delegation at the League of Nations to propose amendments to Article X of the League's covenant. This was the clause that prescribed military intervention by member states to prevent international aggression. The Liberal prime minister was completely opposed to any Canadian military involvement in the maintenance of international security.

The Liberal government set the peacetime strength of the army at 10,000 officers and men. The permanent force was comprised of the Royal Canadian Artillery, two cavalry regiments (the Royal Canadian Dragoons and Lord Strathcona's Horse), and three infantry battalions (the Royal 22nd Regiment, the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and the Royal Canadian Regiment). The Royal Canadian Navy was also greatly reduced in size and, by 1939, would have a strength of 15 ships manned by 1,000 officers and men.


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