Canada was ill-prepared to help the injured veterans who returned from the First World War. By the 1920s, Canadians just wanted to forget. But any respite was shortlived, as the nation plunged into the Great Depression. In Europe the rise of fascist and communist dictatorships and the growing aggression of Germany were ominous signs of an impending return to war.

Establishing the League of Nations: 1919

Canadian Delegation at the Paris Peace Conference: 1919

King and Canadian Foreign and Military Policy: 1921-1938

Chanak Crisis: 1922

Formation of the Royal Canadian Air Force: 1 Apr 1924

Japanese Invasion of Manchuria: 1931

Italian Invasion of Ethiopia: 1935

Spanish Civil War: 1936

Reorganization of the Royal Canadian Air Force: 1936

Reorganization of the Canadian Militia: 1936

Japanese Invasion of China: 7 July 1937


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