The Boer War ended on 31 May 1902 with the negotiation of the Treaty of Vereeniging. The Transvaal and Orange Free State became part of the British colony of South Africa, and the British government granted the Boers generous peace terms.

During the war, Canadian troops had distinguished themselves. The Royal Canadian Dragoons had taken part in 29 engagements, and troopers of the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles had fought in 15 major engagements, 7 isolated raids, and 6 minor skirmishes. Three Canadians from these regiments won Victoria Crosses: Lieutenant H.Z.C. Cockburn, Lieutenant Richard E. Turner, and Sergeant E.J. Holland. Sergeant A.H.L. Richardson of the Lord Strathcona's Horse also won the Victoria Cross for rescuing a fellow trooper in the face of heavy enemy fire.

The Canadian regiments won high praise from their British commanders. Sir Redvers Buller claimed he had never commanded "a nobler, braver or more serviceable body of men" than those of Lord Strathcona's Horse. Sir Horace Smith-Dutton said of the Royal Canadian Regiment, "There are no finer or more gallant troops in all the world." He also singled out the Royal Canadian Dragoons and the 1st Battalion of Canadian Mounted Rifles as some of the finest mounted troops in existence.


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