Because of the Korean War and Canadian participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Canadian government decided to expand the army, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Brooke Claxton, the Minister of National Defence, announced an ambitious rearmament program for Canada. The RCN would be increased to a fleet of 100 ships. The RCAF would expand to 40 squadrons, 12 of which would form an air division to be stationed in Europe. The army would increase from brigade to divisional strength. The RCAF air division, equipped with Canadian-manufactured F-86 Sabre jet fighters, started moving its squadrons overseas in 1951 and had 11 out of 12 in Europe by the summer of 1953. The 12th squadron arrived only in 1955. By the end of 1953, the 27th Canadian Brigade was in Europe. The expanded RCN was to function primarily as an escort and anti-submarine force.


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