Over the course of 50 years, units of the Canadian army, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Canadian Air Force (Canadian Armed Forces after 1968) have served with several United Nations (UN) missions. Their duties have included operations under both Chapter 6 (peacekeeping) and Chapter 7 (confronting aggression and threats to peace) of the UN Charter. These missions ranged from full combat duties (Korea, Somalia, the Gulf War, and the Balkans), observing and supervising the status of a ceasefire through the deployment of military observers (the Middle East and Pakistan), physically enforcing a ceasefire with peacekeeping forces (the Middle East, Cyprus, and the Balkans) and many other duties such as mine warfare education and mine clearing (Afghanistan and the Balkans).

UN Missions Canadian Participation
UN Temporary Commission Korea:1947-1948
UN Truce Supervision Middle East:1948
UN Military Observer Group India-Pakistan:1949
Korean War:1951-1954
UN Emergency Force I:1956-1967
UN Observation Group Lebanon:1958
UN Mission Belgian Congo:1960-1964
UN Security Force New Guinea:1962-1963
UN Observation Group Yemen:1963-1964
UN Peacekeeping Cyprus:1964-1999
UN India-Pakistan Observation Mission:1965-1966
Dominican Republic:1965-1966
International Observer Team Nigeria:1968-1969
U.N. Emergency Force II Middle East:1973-1979
UN Interim Force Lebanon:1974
UN Disengagement Observer Force Middle East:1974
Multinational Force and Observers Middle East:1986
UN Good Offices Mission Pakistan-Afghanistan:1988-1990
UN Iran-Iraq Military Observer Group:1988
UN Observer Group Central America:1989-1990
UN Transition Group Namibia:1989-1990
UN Observer Group Nicaragua:1989
UN Observer Group Haiti:1990-1991
Desert Shield and Desert Storm:1990-1991
UN Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission:1991-
UN Verification Group Angola:1991-1994
UN Advance Mission Cambodia:1991-1992
UN Observer Group El Salvador:1991-1995
UN Protection Force Yugoslavia:1992-
UNITAF Somalia: 1992-1993
UN Mission Bosnia-Herzegovina:1996-
UN Mine Action Centre Bosnia-Herzegovina:1996-1997
UN Support Mission Haiti:1996-1997
UN Verification Mission Guatemala:1997-
UN Transition Mission Haiti:1997-

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