Crossing the 38th Parallel, Korea, 1950.
United States, National Archives and Records Administration. Available online at Images of American Political History [23 December 1999].

Crossing the 38th Parallel, Korea, 1950.

United Nations forces withdraw from North Korea.

In a world never free of conflict or disaster, Canada and the Canadian Military has had to continue to play its part in the defence of freedom and democracy and in providing humanitarian assistance where needed. Canada, as part of the UN, NATO, and the world community, has had to deal with war, peacekeeping, and natural and man-made disasters in many parts of the world since 1945 and continues to do its share and pay the price.

Veterans' Rights

Help for veterans returning to civilian life included job guarantees, free education or training, and funding or loans to buy homes, businesses, land, and equipment.

Foreign Policy

Canada’s place as a "middle power" and its involvement in international organizations are discussed.

Cold War

New threats, new defences –Soviet expansionism, communism, and "the bomb" lead to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the North American Air Defence Command (NORAD), the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line, and more.

Korean War

Although sometimes referred to as Canada's "forgotten" war, more than 20,000 Canadians served in Korea and suffered 1,557 casualties, including 312 deaths.


A look at Canada’s part in United Nations peacekeeping missions, such as the Suez Crisis, Cyprus, and Yugoslavia.

Gulf War

Canada’s contribution to the Gulf War included air, naval, and limited army support.


"Kosovo" examines Canada’s part in NATO's war against Yugoslavia over Kosovo and the UN sponsored peacekeeping force which followed.

Changing Policy

This section deals with Canadian defence and foreign policy in the post-peacekeeping, post 9/11 era.


Here we look at the Canadian military’s participation in the Afghanistan conflict.


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