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Tuesday, October 13 2015
Last Updated on Tuesday, October 13 2015

The sixth in a series of quarterly newsletters recognizing 100th anniversary events of the First World War is now ready.  We are continuing to highlight significant and/or interesting events, people, stories and artifacts from that war with an emphasis on Edmonton and the 49th Battalion. 

Thursday, July 09 2015


In the summer of 1915, the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division was about to join the 1st Division in France to form the Canadian Corps.  A third division was already in the works.  New units were needed for the expanding Corps and replacements were needed by the units already fighting in the front lines.  Across Canada new infantry battalions were being authorized to meet those needs.  In Edmonton, two new battalions started recruiting – the 63rd and the 66th.

Thursday, July 09 2015
Last Updated on Tuesday, October 13 2015

1915 – July to September

In the third quarter of 1915 the 49th Battalion was now in England and had begun further training in preparation for deployment to the front lines.  There were still some doubts, however, that the battalion would stay intact and be deployed as a front line unit.  

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