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Cost of Freedom

Punch, 5 May 1915 (cartoon by Bernard Partridge). ©Chinook Multimedia Inc


A soldier triumphantly raises his rifle with one arm and holds a Canadian flag with the other in this famous drawing commemorating Canada's participation at the Battle of Ypres, 22-24 April 1915.
National Archives of Canada (PA-001612).

Canadian Graves, August 1917.


The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Military Museum dedicates this section of our Web site to the men and women who have served, and who continue to serve, in the Canadian military. Their sacrifices ensure that we continue to live in a free and democratic country.

The goal of this section of our Web site is to educate Canadians

  • to understand the sacrifices that the men and women of the Canadian military have made throughout our nation's history;
  • to recognize that, through these sacrifices, the military has helped to preserve and shape the rights and freedoms that we possess today;
  • to be aware of the larger influence that war has had on the Canadian nation; and, ultimately,
  • to appreciate the cost of our freedom.
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National Archives of Canada (C-090883,work by Gordon K. Odell).
National Archives of Canada (C-111234, work by Nichol).
Canada; An Illustrated Weekly Journal, July-September 1917. ©Chinook Multimedia Inc
Harold R. Peat, Private Peat (Toronto: George J. McLeod, 1917). ©Chinook Multimedia Inc
National Archives of Canada (PA-000832, photo by William Ivor Castle).
National Archives of Canada (PA-132982).
National Archives of Canada (PA-152748, photo by T. F. Rowe).

Cost of Freedom Introductory Slideshow

National Archives of Canada (C-095315).


Archives of Ontario (C233-2-1-16B).



The Cost of Freedom Web site is divided into two main sections. Rights & Freedoms explains the choices and responsibilities that we enjoy as citizens of Canada and reminds us of just how fortunate we are in this chaotic world. Sacrifice celebrates the contributions that the Canadian military has made to keep our country free and explores the history of those contributions.

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