War Declared - Edmonton Troops Mobilize

Germany declared war on France on August 3, 1914. The next day the German Army marched through neutral Belgium as part of their plan to knock out France. In defence of Belgium, Britain declared war on Germany on August 4th. Canada was part of the British Empire and Britain's declaration of war meant that the rest of the empire was also at war.  The popular sentiment amongst the dominant Anglo-Canadians of the times was that, “When Britain is at war Canada is at war.”, and that Canada would send troops to the assistance of the British forces. That was considered Canada’s duty and obligation.

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Jennie's Housewife (Huz-if)

On August 6, 1914 mobilization orders were announced by Ottawa for a division of 21,000 troops to be assembled in Valcartier, just outside Quebec City. Other than the two horsed regiments in the Permanent Force, the 19th Alberta Dragoons was the only unit in Canada selected to contribute cavalry and it was to become the cavalry reconnaissance squadron of the 1st Canadian Division.

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